Episode 7: Splashing the Town with Color

PRESENTED BY: Little Caesars

Dave Moore, Jenn de Groot and Matte Refic give you a behind-the-scenes look at the murals of Pueblo. Both are artists who started very young. Though their lives have crossed paths, on this podcast is the first time they are speaking. de Groot a CSU-Pueblo alum has a company called Jaybird Designs.  Refic has painted hundreds of murals throughout the streets of Pueblo. Probably the most recognized one: the wall of the Sangre De Cristo Arts & Conference Center and possibly the least-known piece, but the most powerful one, sits inside the Supermax Prison in Florence.  They discuss their careers as well as the future of the Arkansas River Levee project.  See Pueblo through the eyes of a street artist.  

Released July 1, 2020