Episode 11: Following up with Public Health

Dave Moore checks back in with Sarah Joseph with the Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment discussing options as Pueblo is seeing another COVID-19 surge. On Thursday, October 29, Pueblo’s Mayor instituted a city-wide curfew from 10 p.m. – 5 a.m. until November 13. Pueblo was notified by the state, due to their increased COVID numbers, they have to turn things around before they move into Safer-at-home Level 3 which means tighter COVID-19 restrictions. >> Tap here to see the state’s rules according to the COVID dial. Mayor Gradisar hopes that a curfew will slow the spread. Sarah discusses what types of things are attributed to the increased spread and what it means for restaurants, bars, and schools.

*Editors note: This episode was recorded on Oct. 29 and a possible transition to  Safer-at-home Level  3 (Orange) is mentioned. Pueblo moved to that level Nov. 14.*

Released Nov. 1, 2020