Episode 17: Giving a voice to the voiceless

*Some this content might be sensitive to some listeners*

For about a year Dave has been conducting podcast interviews over the phone, but for this episode, after receiving both vaccine shots Dave conducted his first in-person interview.

In this episode, Dave Moore sitting down with Jennifer Chavez with the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center.

The Child Advocacy Center is a nonprofit organization where they help  children who have experienced abuse or neglect. The goal is to help children feel comfortable, safe and at home while officials conduct an investigation of child abuse.  With the inviting atmosphere hopefully kids can begin to heal and share their voice.   

The Child Advocacy Center is having their Blue Cape Breakfast on June 24, 2021.  They believe we all have superpowers, whether it’s cooking or teaching or catching the bad guys.  Some capes look like scrubs, or a badge, or a piece of chalk. Registration for that event is coming soon. Tap here to donate to the Pueblo Child Advocacy Center.

Released May 1, 2021

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