Episode 19: An icon memorialized in bronze

During this episode Dave Moore visits the Sarah Shaw Dance studio and chats with studio director Donna Lira. The two will discuss the loss of dance icon Sarah Shaw, how the studio is carrying on in her absence and how the community and city council chose to memorialize her forever. 

A bronze sculpture of Sarah now sits outside Memorial Hall so that as the show goes on, Sarah can still welcome guests to each recital.

The sculpture has a plaque that reads:

“Sarah Shaw was a lifetime Puebloan and local dance teacher. Over 56 years thousands of young people, including multiple generations of Pueblo families, were shaped by Sarah’s enduring teachings at her dance studio. Sarah believed that dance came from the heart and could instill lifelong lessons including self-confidence, perseverance, and teamwork in her students.  Most importantly, Sarah taught her students to be kind to all and love their friends. Her legacy lives on in the accomplishments of all those who danced and the kindness they continue to spread to others. Sarah lived her life the same way she ended every class with her motto: FRIENDS FOREVER.

COVID canceled the studio’s Christmas recital but right now dancers are preparing for a performance this summer in Branson, Missouri.  If you have a young one who’d love to learn to dance contact the studio at 719.543.0027.   

Released July 1, 2021

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