Episode 22: Customizing the education experience

In this special edition of Pueblo’s Podcast, Dave Moore and Gunnison Pagnotta and Alan Van Norman talk about GOAL High School. Education has changed due to the pandemic however GOAL has not. GOAL High School has been doing remote learning for more than a decade.  GOAL High School is a multi-district, charter, blended online school.  Blended online means classes are online but students have the option to come in-person to a drop-in center at any time. The student experience at GOAL is never the same student to student . This model works for students who travel to compete in rodeo events, teen parents, athletes, students with social anxiety and every where in between.  However, each student has access to an academic coach which acts as a mentor.   There are dozens of drop-in centers around the state.  GOAL serves a wide range of student needs from social-emotional to food insecurities; to honors and early college programs.  They are accepting new students for the 2021-2022 school year. You can enroll at goalac.org or call 877-776-4625.

Enroll now.

Released Sept. 25, 2021

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