Season Two: A year in Review

Here’s a look back on Season two of Pueblo’s Podcast. The Pueblo community really means a lot to us and I’m sure to you as well. We asked our listeners to share what Pueblo means to them and we’d feature it in an upcoming episode. In this episode we have shared a few of them, keep sending them our way.  Just leave us a voicemail. That’s all it takes! Give us a call at 719.470.0715 and leave us a message about what makes you Pueblo proud, why you love our community or what makes it so special.  You can leave a voice mail if you’d like. You will hear a message say “Please state your name and Google voice will try to connect you.”  State your name, then it will take you to a second voicemail where then you can leave your Pueblo Proud message.  Share your message and why not say “Be Proud Pueblo” at the end.

Published January 15, 2022

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