Episode 33: Medal of Honor tribute

Jim & Paulette Stuart speak to Dave Moore about the Medal of Honor.  Pueblo is known as the Home of the Heroes but do you know the reason behind it?

Pueblo is known as the hometown of four Congressional Medal of Honor recipients – William J. Crawford – Army – WWII; Carl L. Sitter -Marines – Korea; Raymond G. “Jerry” Murphy- Marines- Korea;  and Drew D. Dix- Army -Vietnam. 

To honor this history, The Pueblo Home of Heroes Association unveiled a new Medal of Honor Information Center for the Pueblo Convention Center Grand Hall. Dave Moore was part of the many contributors to the project. 

It is designed to be a multi-generational interactive education tool.  It will feature the uniforms, medals and stories of Pueblo’s four Medal of Honor recipients just like the original design however it now will tell the stories of Pueblo Veterans, promote patriotism and illuminate the sacrifices our military service men and women have made for their country.

In addition, it now will shows the viewers information about other military sites of interest in Pueblo, museums in the vicinity and places of interest in the downtown area.

Released July 1, 2022

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