Episode 22: Customizing the education experience

In this special edition of Pueblo’s Podcast, Dave Moore and Gunnison Pagnotta and Alan Van Norman talk about GOAL High School. Education has changed due to the pandemic however GOAL has not. GOAL High School has been doing remote learning for more than a decade.  GOAL High School is a multi-district, charter, blended online school.  Blended online means classes […]

Special Edition: Business as usual in the midst of COVID-19: GOAL High School

Pueblo’s Podcast put together another Special Edition:In the midst of COVID Pueblo’s Podcast highlights two industries and how they are dealing with COVID-19: entertainment and education. The education system is one of the many industries forced to adapt due to the pandemic. In this special edition of Pueblo’s Podcast, Dave Moore and Gunnison Pagnotta talk […]

Special Edition Coronavirus in our Community 3: Supporting Pueblo Marketplace

This is part three of our Special Edition Coronavirus in our Community Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, Garrision Ortiz, joins Dave Moore on the podcast!They are discussing SupportingPueblo.com a new online marketing for small  businesses during this pandemic.  It is truly a community effort, the Pueblo Convention Center, SRDA, the Pueblo Department of Public Health […]

Episode 1: Kicking it off

Dad & daughter duo break the ice in the debut episode. Carly Moore introduces you to the host of the podcast, her dad Dave Moore in a kicking it off episode format so you can get to know the host better. Future episodes will be in an interview format learning more about people and places […]